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Shades by Nancy Malcolm



For my birthday, my husband gave me a gift card to a fancy sun glasses store in the mall.  I can tell you I was more than a little hesitant for two reasons:  1)  I’d never spent that much on sun glasses before  2) I’m not really a shopper.  Possibly 3)  did I look that bad in my old glasses?

It’s a small store by mall standards, but it’s always crowded.  So, in I went one day, alone.  I thought I could zip in and out and I’d be done.  That was my first mistake or at least disillusion.

There are hundreds of types, brands, shapes, prices, tints and designs.  And as I picked up my first pair to slip on, I saw the price tag was more than the cost of a month of groceries for a family of four.  Wow!!  At least this proved to me that I had good taste,  (I thought).    I perused the store and finally settled on two to choose from.

The cutest sales girl came over and asked, “Ma’m, may I help you?”  “Yes!”, I answered, “Which one looks best?”  She hesitated….then went on to explain about my face shape and talk about whether the sun glasses would be for everyday or was I getting them for a specific outfit.  Did she mistake me for Kim Kardashian??  “Everyday,” I said shyly.  

We walked the store again, trying on as we went.  Finally, I said, “Honey, if I was your mother, which ones would you want me to get?” and bingo…we found the perfect pair.

I paid and she was placing my beautiful glasses into their new case when she said, “This was so much fun!  I’m glad you came in!”  “Me too,” I said, and we hugged.

So, If you see me out and about these days, you may not recognize me right away behind these everyday, glamorous sun glasses, but I’m still the same old me…just looking good!



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Separate, Yet Together by Ginger Keller Gannaway

Separate, Yet Together  by Ginger Keller Gannaway

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Separate, yet together. Family, right? We may live a 1,000 miles away from each other. We may talk to each other once a month or only on holidays. We exchange emails and Facebook check-ins here and there. We could even be estranged or separated by death or illness, yet these family members run around our minds all the time. For me, they crowd my thoughts and dreams and truly shape who I am now at age 59.
Two years ago I spent several weeks in my small Louisiana hometown with my 90 year old Momma and my 88 year old Dad. During my visit I went through several cardboard boxes filled with black and white photographs. One 4X4 picture of Momma and me really depicted the separate yet together idea. In the photo I am about 4 years old and staring straight into the camera. I’m wearing a sleeveless summer dress with smocking. I have a full, fat almost babyish face and shoulder-length wispy hair. I am not smiling and I look so, so relaxed and pensive. I’m leaning back into Momma’s arm draped around me. Momma gazes off upwards to the left. She wears a sleeveless, small checkered blouse and her short brown hair is combed back from her face. She too is unsmiling and has a faraway,  content look. Her arms loosely encircle me. We seem comfortably close and at ease with each even though each of us is occupied with her own separate thoughts.
Even though today I am far from that fat-faced girl, and Momma has passed away, not a day gets by me without memories of momma grabbing my attention and reminding me of her constant, unconditional love and how it shaped me into a mother of three grown sons who rule my world and hold most of my love.
Family. They may build us up one day and destroy us the next, yet they are with us so often, even if not physically so. They may control our thoughts and drive our actions and surround our hearts in both hurtful and helpful ways. I was so very fortunate to have a small blue-eyed Cajun momma from Ville Platte who had a heart bigger than all of Louisiana, especially when it came to her children. Every day I leisurely lean into Momma’s arms, and I face my current day’s activities with a form of independence that is supported by her love.

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The Pressure by Nancy Malcolm



I’ve got “The Pressure”.  I used to blame it on my job as a High School Administrator.  Chasing kids, organizing events and talking with angry parents were all parts of my job, but I’m retired now, and I still have “The Pressure.”  The Blood Pressure!

“Lose weight,” they said.  “Don’t use salt.”  “Exercise regularly.”  “Avoid stressful situations.”  “Only one glass of wine per day.”  Hmmmm, “anything else?” I asked.  “Oh yes,  take this pill everyday and try not to worry about it…I’ll see you in six months, and in your case, it’s probably hereditary anyway.”

“Hmmmm,” I thought.  It’s a lot of pressure to have “The Pressure,” and follow the guidelines , while not worrying.

I truly believe that no one gets out of this life without ‘something’, whether it be “The Pressure,” “The Sugar,” or “Old Arthur,” everyone has something.

So, just for today, I’ll walk a few steps farther, put down the salt shaker and not worry about the wine….just for today!

Recovering perfectionist seeking reduction in pressure.

What’s your six word memoir?

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That’s What Friends Do: by Nancy Malcolm



Forever….That’s how long a friendship lasts, even if it ends.  We always have that feeling, that knowing, the absolute truth about our friends that stays  in our hearts forever.  You can always retrieve it whenever you need it.

It is a place where we are safe.  A true friendship is non-perishable, its organic, its eternal.  Imagine that when you die, you can still take a part of your friend with you.  A friend loves forever.  I believe Heaven must be filled with BFF’s!  And God said, “This is good.”

A friend listens to you even when they have heard the story before.  A friend will even smile and ask questions, all the while, knowing the answer.

A friend will ask you how you are and really want to know the truth.  ‘Just fine’ or ‘Ok’ will rarely do, and especially concerning matters of the heart.

A friend will go with you to choose your second or even third wedding dress  because a  true friend is always your biggest cheerleader.

When  you just have to tell someone…when no one else will understand….when blue skies are grey and getting cloudier…when no one would believe it…you must tell your friend.

That’s what friends do.

Listen.  Talk.  Share.  Smile.  Hug.  Write.  Drive.  Pray.  Laugh.  Love.  Enjoy.  Like.  Give. Take.  Save.  Help.

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A Penny Saved… by Nancy Malcolm



My Daddy was always frugal.  He grew up in the Depression and upon his passing, we found much evidence of his thrifty ways, tucked among his belongings.  I won’t get into all the details, but, trust me, every nook and cranny was a Glory Hole in his eyes.

The man loved to save rubber bands, ink pens and string.  Every hear of the ‘World’s largest ball of twine’?  He had it!  And pieces of foil?  (omg)  He believed that you should wipe off and reuse foil whenever possible, which meant always.

Daddy could stretch a dollar and also stretch a meal.  He loved left-over night and finding all the surprises hidden away in the back of the fridge.  Sometimes this could cause mealtime strife, especially if he was at my house going through my refrigerator.  He would open, smell and exclaim, “It’s still good, let’s finish it up!”.  To which I would answer, “Daaaaddddy, please don’t do that”.

Yes, some of his economizing would make me cringe, like trying to get a ‘deal’ on everything he purchased and having a coupon for everything else.  But, I think of him now, everytime I buy something on sale and I know he would be proud.

My Daddy was always frugal…frugal like a fox!  His scrimping and saving sent my brother and I to college and allowed him to live comfortably until he left this world.  Although, I had some embarrassing times with him, I would give anything to see his eyes sparkle again, when I asked, “I’ve got a coupon for a chocolate dip cone at Dairy Queen, want to go?”

I know he’d say yes!