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Shades by Nancy Malcolm



For my birthday, my husband gave me a gift card to a fancy sun glasses store in the mall.  I can tell you I was more than a little hesitant for two reasons:  1)  I’d never spent that much on sun glasses before  2) I’m not really a shopper.  Possibly 3)  did I look that bad in my old glasses?

It’s a small store by mall standards, but it’s always crowded.  So, in I went one day, alone.  I thought I could zip in and out and I’d be done.  That was my first mistake or at least disillusion.

There are hundreds of types, brands, shapes, prices, tints and designs.  And as I picked up my first pair to slip on, I saw the price tag was more than the cost of a month of groceries for a family of four.  Wow!!  At least this proved to me that I had good taste,  (I thought).    I perused the store and finally settled on two to choose from.

The cutest sales girl came over and asked, “Ma’m, may I help you?”  “Yes!”, I answered, “Which one looks best?”  She hesitated….then went on to explain about my face shape and talk about whether the sun glasses would be for everyday or was I getting them for a specific outfit.  Did she mistake me for Kim Kardashian??  “Everyday,” I said shyly.  

We walked the store again, trying on as we went.  Finally, I said, “Honey, if I was your mother, which ones would you want me to get?” and bingo…we found the perfect pair.

I paid and she was placing my beautiful glasses into their new case when she said, “This was so much fun!  I’m glad you came in!”  “Me too,” I said, and we hugged.

So, If you see me out and about these days, you may not recognize me right away behind these everyday, glamorous sun glasses, but I’m still the same old me…just looking good!




I am a photographer, writer, mother, grandmother, wife, retired educator, friend, aunt, sister, and believer. I am a motherless daughter.

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