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Welcome to The Sittin’ugly Sistahs!  We’re women of a certain age finding humor in our lives and loves.  From the joys of communicating with our grown children to dealing with our clueless husbands and to all the surprises that being sixty-ish brings.  My friend Ginger and I laugh at our sometimes cringe-worthy antics but we tell it like it is…the truth according to The Sittin’ugly Sistahs!

The Sittin’ugly Sistahs is the inspiration of my little Auntie Sue (may she rest in peace) as she always encouraged us to have a good attitude, be grateful and laugh every day.  We remind you that real life is often stranger than fiction and you just can’t make this #%* up!

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Hello friend!  My name is Nancy and I am a true southern woman who believes in the southern way.  Like, it’s never too soon to write a thank you note, everyone should own a deviled egg plate and good manners often take you where neither education or money can.

I’m a retired educator, mother, grandmother, wife to husband, Boo, and I love taking photographs of nature, the grandkids, and my cat.  My stories have been published in the Erma Bombeck Humorwriters.org blog, The Academy of Heart and Mind, and I was a finalist in the 2020 Yellow Bird Editors First Page Contest. I am working on my memoir, I THOUGHT IT WAS YOU, and hope to be finished in 2023.

Thank you for visiting Sittin’ugly Sistahs!  We hope you enjoy!




Ginger Keller Gannaway

I grew up down a winding gravel road in a small town in south-central Louisiana with my two little sisters and one older brother. With a momma from Ville Platte and a sign painter dad whose mother owned the Liberty Theater and Queen Cinema, we were Cajuns obsessed with movies as much as we were with crawfish and gumbo. We were a tight-knit Catholic family with enough first cousins to populate a small village. I thought my childhood a time of more good times than bad, and after I graduated from high school I eagerly headed to LSU in Baton Rouge to expand my horizons.

The freedom of college life made me think I was seeing the real world for the first time like I felt when I got my first pair of glasses in fifth grade and noticed that the green branches of trees were made up of separate leaves!  After my parents made me switch my major from Creative Writing to English Education in 1976, I switched my focus from writing to teaching. Fast-forward 40 years, three grown sons, and 36 years of teaching public school later, and I have the time to write again. I enjoy writing essays for Sittin’ Ugly Sistahs with my friend and former high school educator peer.  I’ve written three novels but not found an agent or publisher. Writing is my joie de vie these days.  I have published stories in Pigeon Review, and Breath and Shadow.

Now I am a retired English teacher, momma of three grown sons, and wife of a horror movie screenwriter/producer.  I believe the keys to my current search for contentment are connections and balance.

3 thoughts on “About: The Sittin’ugly Sistahs

  1. I was forwarded your article and loved it!!!!! I am also a motherless daughter. I believe I have been “called” to write. I will give it a shot. Writers touch people’s lives in the mist unexpected ways. A’vie (the new me) / Susan (the old me)


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