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Little People….Big Conversations


Written by:  Nancy Malcolm

Recently, I had the privilege of driving with two of my grandsons in the car.  I was instantly reminded of days gone by when my daughters were younger and I would be taking one of them and a friend somewhere.  Oh, the conversations they would have!

But, as life has unfolded, we are a true blended family now, my husband and I.  We each maintain good relationships with our ex-spouses and often, we are all together at family events because of our children.

On this particular drive, one of the boys asked me, “Did you know PaPa used to be married to Nana?”  The other one, in shock said, “They did not….did they?”  I said that yes, I knew that and before I could go any further, they were into a discussion about life, divorce and marriage.  I proceeded to explain the situation in simple terms, but as we all know, it’s not a simple matter.  Still, as we drove, I was glad they felt comfortable enough to ask me questions and to share their thoughts.

A big part of me is gut wrenchingly sad that these two precious boys even know about divorce, but life rarely fits into a cookie cutter mold of perfection.  I wish I could make their little lives smooth, peaceful and worry-free forever.  I know I cannot control other people’s behavior or tell them how to live their lives; however, I can trust in a power greater than myself to take care of these boys and send blessings their way.  I can be a loving Nannie and be the best grandparent I can be.  I can provide a safe and accepting home for visits and car ride discussions.

And as is the case with little boys, as suddenly as that conversation started, it ended and their latest Lego purchase took center stage.  Just for today, I can let go of worry and enjoy the ride.

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I Peaked Early by Ginger Keller Gannaway

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I Peaked Early

by Ginger Keller Gannaway

As far as looks go, I peaked at age 3.  Some people begin their lives as goofy-looking babies who resemble Winston Churchill or Dick Cheney!  Then these unattractive babes grow to be beautiful, model-level men and women.  For me, reverse that transformation.

I was a C-section baby, and my momma always told me, “You were a perfect baby!  So gorgeous!”  And my first photos do have that happy, healthy, Gerber baby quality.  My favorite early picture of myself was at age 3.  I’m seated on a tricycle and I’m the best-dressed I have ever been!  I’m wearing a simple yet elegant, sexy-short, red and white sun dress with sleeveless tie straps with the cutest bow peeking from the back.  (Even my trike’s handlebars match the red of the dress).  My hair is also the best it has ever been: chic-short, light brown with golden natural highlights and that ultra-cool wave (not quite a waterfall) swoop atop my head.  I confidently show straight white teeth and my perfect complexion glows.

Of course, I doubt I’m even able to ride that tricycle, but just like the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model posed on a gleaming surf board, who cares? That lil sun dress, that sporty hair-do, that carefree smile proclaim my best looking days!

Now at the just-turned age of 60, I’m going thru old photos of myself: my 7-year-old long, tangled hair look, my high school mullet-look closely followed by my unfortunate-perm look, my 28 year old short-hair-now-that-I-have-a-baby look, my 36 year old I-have-three-boys-who-cares look, and my 40’s “Oh, my word, I’m a teacher on the verge of wearing jumpers with apple & book appliqués” look.  Then my 50’s look had a tinge of desperation with the bad home-dyed hair look interspersed with this-month-I-paid-for-a-hairdresser look.

And as I sift through shoe boxes, Kodak envelopes, and photo albums from my last 6 decades, I come upon my peak period – age 3.  And seeing that stylish girl dressed in red and white confidently smile at me, I fondly smile back.

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Jazzy J by Nancy Malcolm


jane fonda

I’ve come full circle… I’m taking Jazzercise again, some thirty years later!  I’ve always been a walker and even had my years as a “gym rat”, but now I’m doing Jazzercise and it’s so fun!

My daughter was right, there are either young mothers trying to find time to exercise or ladies in their 50’s and up.  I’m at the high end of that group.

The music is current and I’ve been ‘busting a move’ or two that I haven’t done in a long time.  Where else can you chasse’, releve’ and step ball change to the fast, sexy beat of Pit Bull?   I rest my case!

There are a few women much older than I.  They can’t do everything that the rest of us do (or attempt to do), but they’re there everyday….movin’, goovin’ and laughin’.  Me too, I’m having a blast.

As Auntie Sue used to say, “Honey, you gotta keep moving!”

I rest my case!

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Space by Nancy Malcolm

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Space.  Somewhere between right and wrong.  Somewhere between what you thought you knew and the truth.  There always seems to be space, or a breath, a whisper, a blink.  There is always this place where life really lives.

There’s space between words..”I love you.”  “I love you too.”  Or space between “How are you?” and “fine.” Sometimes there are so many words within that space just begging to come out, but not knowing how.

When my grandson was born I noticed a new space.  The space between his nose and lips… that tender dip and the space on the back of his neck where the sweet spot is.  That miracle of life space, that we all start out with, but sometimes forget we have.

I love the space my husband and I share when one of our girls is telling a story and we glance across the room at each other and smile or laugh.  That space within the glance that says, ‘I’m happy’ or ‘We are so blessed’.  I can also dread space.  The space between life and death…the minutes or days of slowing breath and closed eyes.  The space between a relationship ending or beginning.

The space between love and hate; happiness and despair…it’s such a fine line, a space of time.  A thought or prayer or beat of your heart.  There’s space between being…space between lovers who are breathing the same breath.  Or the lonely space when love has gone away.

Ever hear that phrase, “I need my space?”  I believe we all do…we need our space.  Space brings us near…it pushes us away…it is the creator of life full circle.  It is a good thing, this space thing.