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The Pressure by Nancy Malcolm



I’ve got “The Pressure”.  I used to blame it on my job as a High School Administrator.  Chasing kids, organizing events and talking with angry parents were all parts of my job, but I’m retired now, and I still have “The Pressure.”  The Blood Pressure!

“Lose weight,” they said.  “Don’t use salt.”  “Exercise regularly.”  “Avoid stressful situations.”  “Only one glass of wine per day.”  Hmmmm, “anything else?” I asked.  “Oh yes,  take this pill everyday and try not to worry about it…I’ll see you in six months, and in your case, it’s probably hereditary anyway.”

“Hmmmm,” I thought.  It’s a lot of pressure to have “The Pressure,” and follow the guidelines , while not worrying.

I truly believe that no one gets out of this life without ‘something’, whether it be “The Pressure,” “The Sugar,” or “Old Arthur,” everyone has something.

So, just for today, I’ll walk a few steps farther, put down the salt shaker and not worry about the wine….just for today!

Recovering perfectionist seeking reduction in pressure.

What’s your six word memoir?


I am a photographer, writer, mother, grandmother, wife, retired educator, friend, aunt, sister, and believer. I am a motherless daughter.

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