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Missing My Port Aransas

Every year around my birthday, I plan a trip to the beach.  There’s something so peaceful and predictable about the ocean and its natural habitat.   This year will be different because of circumstances beyond our control, but as Jon Kabat-Zinn said:

“You can’t stop the waves…. but you can learn to surf.”

Take a look at a few of my favorite photographs from last year in Port Aransas.

Blessings to you all






I am a photographer, writer, mother, grandmother, wife, retired educator, friend, aunt, sister, and believer. I am a motherless daughter.

11 thoughts on “Missing My Port Aransas

  1. Love those photos, Nancy! I have always told Gary I wanted to retire on a beach. And now we share 900 square feet with a 60 pound dog and a 16-year-old cat! Ain’t life funny.


  2. Nice pictures. I visited Port A at one years old, and it became my second home. Trips every summer, and sometimes winter. In 66, my parents purchased a beach house on E St. I learned to surf in 1964, well before the craze took Texas. I was part of that surfing crowd in 68-69 along with my friend Pat Magee. In the 80s, Port A began to change. Condo’s and resorts took the sleepy village feel from town. My son lives in CC and not long ago, he and I drove over to see the old houses and to reminisce, as Port A was a large part of his childhood too. Things there are different now. The new homes that are part of the re-build from the hurricane, are colorful and nice, but they don’t have the soul of the old wooden, rough cedar beach houses and the local stores. We plan to visit before the summer is out, if the virus doesn’t get us. Catch a wave.

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