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That’s What Friends Do part II by Nancy Malcolm


My mother and Auntie Sue


This I know to be absolutely true:  there are only a few people with whom you can shop.  Not just anyone will do when you need a pal for a day of shopping.  When you are looking for a special outfit, a pair of shoes or a new tchotchke for your home…you must be accompanied by a trusted friend, not merely an acquaintance who has not passed the test of time.

I have just the perfect shopping friend.  In fact, I have two shopping buddy groups.  Group A is really my best friend and I.  She has stamina, excellent taste and will tell me the truth when I ask.  She’s the friend that went with my daughter and me to pick out her wedding dress.  She’s the friend that convinced me to get the curtain that now look fabulous in my den.  She has the endurance to keep looking, the wisdom to check the price tag and she always says “Yes,” when I say, “Let’s try one more store!”

Group B consists of three Sistah-friends who are so much fun when we  shop, that we might pee our pants from laughing so hard.  We go antiquing, we shop in thrift stores, we help each other choose gifts for our spouses, but we know what is first and foremost of importance:  “Where are we going to eat and do they serve wine?”  In fact, we have been known to just skip the shopping and have an early lunch!

Shopping?  Don’t go it alone!


I am a photographer, writer, mother, grandmother, wife, retired educator, friend, aunt, sister, and believer. I am a motherless daughter.

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