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Dear Arthritis by Nancy Malcolm



Dear Arthritis,

You and I have been together quite awhile now.  We slowly got to know each other in my thirties and gradually we’ve connected in a way I never expected, or really desired.

You’ve held me back from some things I’ve  wanted to do.  Climbing stairs, bending, kneeling to tie my grandchild’s shoelace….simple things, I used to take for granted.  Grasping my coffee cup in the morning or twisting off a lid of something I needed at the moment…you’ve held me hostage.  You’ve tried your best to stop me, but you have NOT won the battle.

I’ve cursed you.  I’ve ignored you.  Shaken my fist in your face and still, you are here, giving it your all.  I admire your tenacity, I must admit.  You’re not a quitter…  but neither am I.

Be prepared, I’m trying out a new attitude, a special-ops tactic, that I think will be quite effective….Acceptance.  I’m through with the fighting and anger.  I’m going to kill you with kindness.  Be afraid…be very afraid!

I’ve decided to be gentle with my joints, talk a little sweeter to these creaky knees…give myself some extra time to warm up.  It’s all part of the grand plan to accept.   It is what it is, that, I cannot change, but, I can stop being embarrassed or sad for what I cannot do.  I’m on a campaign to enjoy my time left on this earth.

So, you see, I’ll no longer be negatively engaging with your nonsense.  You’ve given it a good run…now it’s my turn to be in charge.

Farewell Arthur…see you around!

Love,  (see? I’ve already started)





I am a photographer, writer, mother, grandmother, wife, retired educator, friend, aunt, sister, and believer. I am a motherless daughter.

2 thoughts on “Dear Arthritis by Nancy Malcolm

  1. Love your use of personification, Nancy! Your humor and your power to ACCEPT yet not be defeated is inspirational, sistah. “Arthritis, be not proud.”


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