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Sue-isms by Nancy Malcolm

005photograph by Nancy Malcolm


Words are so powerful. String them together and you have phrases, sentences and old fashioned ‘sayings’. Some people are more prone to descriptive verbage than others…

My little Auntie Sue lived in Oklahoma City all of her life. If you’ve ever been there, you know it can be blistering hot or freezing cold and always windy. Auntie Sue weighed 100 pounds soaking wet, so she was a good judge of the elements, if you will. One day, I called her and asked, “Are you having any weather up there?”, which in Oklahoma,  is a perfectly acceptable way to ask about the temperature. She replied, “Honey, its so windy, it would blow the hair off a dog!”. Now, that’s what I call a perfect description.

Auntie Sue was married to Uncle Benny for 50 plus years. Once, when visiting them, we were eating breakfast, and all at once Uncle Benny excused himself from the table. He was gone for quite awhile, so I finally asked, “Is Uncle Benny ok?”. She replied, “Oh, Honey, he got the call of the wild and when you get the call…you better answer quick! You know…his coffee kicked in.” We finished our breakfast in silence. Now, that’s what I call a perfect description.

One last thing to know about Auntie Sue…she was very hard of hearing. She had always suffered with ear problems and hearing loss, but continued to try new hearing aids and was an expert at reading lips. One day, she was reporting what the audiologist had told her at the last visit. “Honey,” she said, “he told me my ears are not going to get better…infact one day I’ll wake up and not be able to hear myself fart!” Now, that’s what I call a perfect description.

Oh, how I miss my Auntie Sue!


I am a photographer, writer, mother, grandmother, wife, retired educator, friend, aunt, sister, and believer. I am a motherless daughter.

2 thoughts on “Sue-isms by Nancy Malcolm

  1. Nancy. I love this and will share it with chuck. We miss Ysleta and speak about her all of the time. I speak to her almost daily and I know she hears me. I try to live like she did. Happy no matter what, kind and loving, but with that streak of you “mess with me or my family” it will come back to you. Many times after I met Ysleta, she counseled (sp?) me during trials which you know about. It is ongoing but I try to distance myself and see humor. Her advice was always practical with humor thrown in and love. I will always think of my “second mom” and precious Benny with love although when Benny first met me he asked Chuck why he would date a “fish eater,” we became best of friends. I still have his pajamas which I wear all of the time even there are holes everywhere. Chuck loves it that we became so close. I wish he had been my father. You have helped me also. I still have that letter you wrote to me years ago and I re-read it often. Thank you. Love to you and everyone. Now that I know how to access this I will check all of the time. We both miss you and the family. I hope we can get together soon. Love, Megan and Chuck.


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