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Dear Parent by Nancy Malcolm



Dear Parent of a Child With Special Needs,

I know you don’t know me or even see me, but I’m sending up prayers for you.  My heart is full of loving thoughts for you and blessings on your life.

I see you almost everywhere.  You push your adult child’s wheelchair down the aisle at Church.  Both of you singing, perhaps a tune I’ll never know.

I see you at the grocery store.  Your patience is palatable as you both stand looking at the enormous rows of cereal, looking for that ‘just right’ choice.  I see your child’s eyes light up, when you find it.

I see you in restaurants, patiently explaining the menu.  I see you crossing the streets; sitting in the park.  I am in awe of your bravery and courage and determination.  You are a warrior and an angel all rolled into one.

I see your eyes looking tenderly, your hands holding tightly, your face sometimes tired or worried.  But, most of all,  I see your spirit.  Your spirit says, “Yes, I am up for the challenge, and I am grateful for my blessing, who I love with all my heart.”

I see you, dear parent, I see you.
Blessings always.