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Letter to Momma by Ginger Keller Gannaway

momma with coffeeDear Momma,

2016 is my Year of Gratitude. Everyday I write to someone I feel fortunate to have in my life. (You left us January, 2015). I found this letter I wrote in a notebook in 2012.

Dear Momma,
How are you? Are you happy?
These days you probably don’t miss all the work: the cookin’ and cleanin’ and shoppin’ and pickin’ up, and doin’ laundry and ironin’ clothes and wipin’ those damn counter tops over and over!
You probably DO miss playing bouree, drinking daiquiris, dancing like a doll, enjoying the picture show, and traveling the world with Daddy.
I miss some of you sometimes: your bear-squeeze hugs, your sweet fussing, your yummy, yummy “Gerry’s chicken” with rice and gravy, your extra-quick laughter, and even your strong jealousy of my friends.
However, we still have your blue-eye sparkle, your Cajun/joie de vivre smile, and that powerful love for all your children and grandchildren. A complete non-judgmental, I-always-want-you-here-near-me LOVE!
Merci beaucoup for being my truest fan and my absolute rock of loving support.