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Jazzy J by Nancy Malcolm


jane fonda

I’ve come full circle… I’m taking Jazzercise again, some thirty years later!  I’ve always been a walker and even had my years as a “gym rat”, but now I’m doing Jazzercise and it’s so fun!

My daughter was right, there are either young mothers trying to find time to exercise or ladies in their 50’s and up.  I’m at the high end of that group.

The music is current and I’ve been ‘busting a move’ or two that I haven’t done in a long time.  Where else can you chasse’, releve’ and step ball change to the fast, sexy beat of Pit Bull?   I rest my case!

There are a few women much older than I.  They can’t do everything that the rest of us do (or attempt to do), but they’re there everyday….movin’, goovin’ and laughin’.  Me too, I’m having a blast.

As Auntie Sue used to say, “Honey, you gotta keep moving!”

I rest my case!

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Letter to Auntie Sue



Letter to precious Auntie Sue   by  Nancy Malcolm


Dear Auntie Sue,

I miss you something fierce!  I remember, when I would call to say I was coming for a visit, and you would say, “Oh honey, I’m so lonesome…I miss you something fierce!”

Things are changing here without you.  People, situations and behaviors that might bemuse you.  I’m so grateful for the time we had.  You taught me to have a positive attitude and you showed me it was possible to say something nice about everyone.  Everyone.

Thank you for always loving me; for always being glad to see me.  Thank you for your humor and grace; your gift of complimenting others.  Thank you for your ready smile and rich laughter.  You loved to dance and I bet up where you are…your walker is parked and you are dancing on a floor made of gold.  I know you are having a blast, you always said you would.  But for me?

I miss you something fierce.
Love, Nancy